Sunday, August 25, 2013

A Journal is a Record

 Every day you do lots of fun things. It's good to keep a record of your activities and interests. Keeping a diary will help you remember good times as you grow up. It will be great for you to have a memory book of  the things you loved to do. Keep a journal.

Let's brainstorm some of the ways we can keep a record.
I'll list the ones I can think of and then I'd love to have you write to me and tell me more ways you can think of. Write me at
We keep a record by:
Writing words on a paper is only one of the ways.
            What about making a map
            Or a mystery puzzle
            Or a word search
            Or scrambled letters
            Or doodles
            Now you think of some.
            You can use pencils you write with every day
            Or you can use colored pencils
            Or markers
            Or crayons
            Or a stick in the sand
            Or white chalk
            Or colored chalk
            Or the computer or ipad or other electronic device
            I'm sure you can come up with other ways to draw
            I love water colors because they look so soft
            Tempera paints           
            You can paint with silly things like cherries. Their rich red color is beautiful.
            Blackberries would make a dark inky color.
            Can you think of other fruits or vegetables?
            Think of other paints.

Do you like to write stories? How about writing, drawing, or painting a story in one or several of the ways listed above. Better still, think up your own way to record your ideas.

Well, keeping a record, or a journal, can be done in lots of different ways. Over the next few weeks, we'll explore some more ways. Let's hear your ideas, and I'll include them (with your first name if you wish).
Some people have said that keeping a record for your children and grandchildren will be more precious than gold to them. Do you believe that? I do.
Happy journaling. Keep in touch. Christy


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