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Christy Monson has always loved pioneer history. She received her B.A degree from Utah State University, and a M.S. from University of Nevada at Las Vegas. After her six children were raised she established a successful Marriage and Family Therapy practice. She has published articles in the Ensign, Friend and other children's periodicals.

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Lori Nawyn is an award-winning author and illustrator. She is the author of the inspirational book for girls and women FILL YOUR DAY WITH HOPE (August 2013), the cookbook PEACHY: A HARVEST OF FRUITY GOODNESS (September 2013), and the forthcoming book SIMPLE THINGS (January 2014). She is also the illustrator of the best-selling motivational picture book WHAT ARE YOU THINKING? (July 2010) and author of the novel MY GIFT TO YOU (October 2010).

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